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Title: “Great Kid Books”

Blog Link:

Purpose of the Blog: To help parents find excellent books for their child. (Ages 4-14)

Effectiveness in Achieving the Purpose: Mary Ann Scheuer is a librarian at an elementary school. She does an excellent job at sharing new and old interesting books for children and/or students. She includes interactive book trailers, excerpts from the books, different content area books, recommends age levels, links you to Amazon or other purchasing sites, and even gives you a tease to make you want to read the book. If you are looking for some specific there is a key word list on the right that could help you narrow your search. If you are looking for some great books to read, books to add to your collection, or a new book to fall in love with…this is the place to come!

 Types of Posts:

  • Math Books- Huge Numbers (Ages 6-9)
    • This blog post is great for helping teachers to get students excited and interested in “big” numbers.  Many times young students thing that one hundred is a large number, but when you can talk about a million or a billion you will have their attention for sure. This also helps to inspire students learning (ISTE Standard #1). Teachers will be excited to share the book trailers and then also display the books for students to check out.
  • Current Events/Weather (Ages 5-16)
    •  As current events and trends occur in the United States and neighboring countries, librarians and teachers will want to be prepared to help students connect and relate. This year we have been hit with some major hurricanes that have inspired many, but also caused a wave of curiosity.  This blog does a great job at keeping up with current events and sharing some great texts that can be used in the classroom, as well as for individual student interest across multiple grade levels.
  • Resource: How to Download Audiobooks (all)
    •  This blog post is a great resources for connecting students to a tool that can help them download audiobooks. This is also a great tool for teachers that have students who struggle with reading.  Students can use these tools to download books and listen to them.  Using this resource will model digital citizenship by meeting the needs of diverse learners. (ISTE: Standard #4 B)
  • Professional Resources: Engaging News Stories with adjustable Reading Levels (ages 8-14)

My Thoughts about the Posts: This blog is updated frequently. She does a great job with current events and keeping the reader up to date on the new award winners as well. I like how she has a variety of texts and isn’t biased as to what she posts. She offers suggestions on summer readings, audio-books, professional resources, and much more. Overall, this blog is one that I will be coming back to monthly just to get some new titles and check out here seasonal/current event suggestions.

How I may use this Blog in the educational setting: This is a blog that I could see myself using a lot for current events, new award winning books, quick snap shots on great new books to read across multiple grade levels. I will also share this blog with the parents that attend back-to school nights, parent teacher conferences, etc. Many times parents are asking for some good books that are specific to their child’s ability level and/or age level. Since I teach second grade, I could also recommend having some of these books used a family reading time, not just for the student by his/her self.


Title: Van Meter Library VOICE

Blog Link:

Purpose of the Blog: “A place to be heard through creating, technology, connecting, reading, collaborating and noise. “

Effectiveness in Achieving the Purpose: This blog does a really great job at giving ideas geared towards a library that is interactive, includes maker spaces, and leaves the traditional idea of everyone be quiet behind. Instead, there is collaboration and engaging lessons that get students up, creating, and moving in the library classroom. Shannon adds a new post daily. Her posts are lengthy with examples, links, and more. She does a great job at making this very user friendly.

Types of Posts:

  • Maker Space Idea: Creating Mini Books

My Thoughts about the Posts: Shannon, the creator of this blog, has provided librarians with very creative resources, activities, and technology that will be engaging for all grade levels. It was amazing to read through her blog and begin to see the librarian that I would like to become. I want to create this environment. A library where students fall in love with books that they want to unlock their creativity.

How I may use this Blog in the educational setting: Right now as a classroom teacher I could use this blog to enrich my literacy units. I could also share these ideas and concepts with my current library in hopes that we could begin to create some maker spaces for our students.


 Title: The Adventures of Library Girl

Blog Link:

Purpose of the Blog: Jennifer, the creator of this blog, says that she simply thinks of her blog as the place where she will ponder and share out her thoughts on libraries and students learning. She wants to share her thoughts to help librarians do their best work so that libraries can stay here for as long as possible.

Effectiveness in Achieving the Purpose: She helps to promote the love of reading throughout the entire building, not just students and herself but all staff. She shares ideas and ways to get other staff involved. Many of her posts have additional links that take you to additional resources. Jennifer posts about once a month. Each post is lengthy and meaningful. Many librarians will be able to apply what she shares right away in their classroom.

Types of Posts:

  • Information for getting staff reading: When Adults Don’t Read Kids Lose
  • Creating a Great Annual Report: Effective Tips-More Than Just Data
    • Many librarians need to collect data and show how the library is contirbuting to the overall growth of student learning.  This post demonstrates and gives suggestions on how to create an annual review that will empower your library and demonstrate the value of school libraries.  This post will be able to help the librarian grow professionally.   (ISTE: Standard #5)
  • Book Talks- Ways to make them exciting and interactive
    •  This post is all about making those 30 second book talks memorable.  There are many ideas and suggestions for engaging students into the book talk.  It is great that there is a blog out there that can continue to allow teachers and librarians to continue to improve what they are doing everyday! (ISTE: Standard #5)

My Thoughts about the Posts: I like that she is “real” in the way she writes. She simply says it the ways she wants. It helps the reader know that she is human and wants to make you feel like you are too. Many of her posts are geared towards teachers/librarians. As an instructor it will be nice to follow this blog because you won’t fall behind since she posts monthly. It will be nice to get a once a month meaningful update that does not seem to overwhelm you with ideas and make you feel like you need to take on the world. I also liked that she isn’t trying to sell you anything that she has created or is advertising on behalf of someone else. It is a true human just sharing her thoughts, which is refreshing.

How I may use this Blog in the educational setting: This would be a blog that the librarian would use to help educate and update his/herself. There are ideas that can be taken away to support instruction with students in the library, teachers within the building, and some topics are just for the reader. As a classroom teacher, I will be keeping this as a resource for myself when I have a library of my own.


Works Cited:

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